Remedial Massage Therapists Society of Manitoba Inc. Professional Massage Therapist Affiliation in Manitoba
2022 Membership New -Pro-Rated Quarterly

2022 Membership New -Pro-Rated Quarterly

Membership Affiliation Fee renewal is due on or before December 1st of each year. Use the renewal purchase item for that purpose. 

Annual Membership Fees of $299.00 (Pro-rated quarterly during the year, based on the date the member joins)

All members must not only pay their membership fees to RMTS-MB but must also purchase the required 'Professional and General Liability' insurance coverage in order to practice their profession. This coverage, underwritten in 2022 by Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd/Novex Insurance is obtained by contacting Dusyk & Barlow Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Regina, Saskatchewan) The purchase will be a separate on line transaction. RMTS-MB will be notified of the purchase and will be part of the verification process. Please use the online Application form  to begin the renewal or application process. Your personal application is important to the process as it identifies you within our database. 

If you use  modalities such as Ultrasound in your practice and/or Acupuncture you must purchase this additional insurance coverage at Dusyk & Barlow. Modality Certificates must be provided to the Broker  -

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